Description: Caramel rolls is an online flash game where Sara is going to teach you how to bake tasty caramel rolls. The table in front of you has written hints of which products you should place on the table from the special shelves. After you place all the ingredients on the table, blend yeast and water, stir it and add other ingredients. The final step is to place them in bowl and get tasty caramel rolls
Jack-O-Lantern Quesadillas Jack-O-Lantern Quesadillas
Description: Offered in several languages, Sara’s cooking lessons has prepared for you a totally amazing tutorial for the amazing Halloween’s Day. Learn how to prepare Jack o lantern quesadillas that will become the main thing for applauding your cooking skills among your beloved guests at the Halloween’s table. The picture below the screen shows which ingredients and bowls you need to place on the table. Please, avoid using other plates and casseroles and try to prepare as fast as you can.
Eggs Benedict Eggs Benedict
Description: In Eggs Benefit you will find yourself in Sara’s virtual kitchen where she has left you all the things that you need to prepare the desired food and amaze everyone. Look at the hints near the refrigerator! Sara knows that you are not professional and decided to write a list of tools and ingredients that you will need to bake your cooking masterpiece. If you are ready to amaze everyone, then hit the play button
Garlic Shrimp Garlic Shrimp
Description: Garlic shrimps is a very lovely game featuring the beloved character -Sara a real master of kitchen art. Are you ready to join the game and play with her? Then try to show your best and work better in order to get the most delicious result which will make neighbors amazed. Create a lovely garlic shrimp meal and try to show off your cooking skills.
Ice Cream Cake Ice Cream Cake
Description: Sara’s popsicles are known through the world! Those icy lollies are really tasty especially in the heat of summer. Are you interested in those water-based frozen snacks? Then join our flash game and learn how to prepare them to make your days cooler with artificially colored popsicles. Good luck on your way to icy snacks!
Wedding Cupcakes Wedding Cupcakes
Description: Sara is going to teach her students how to make delicious and elegant wedding cupcakes which will become the main subject of talking among the guests. In order to get started, firstly you will need mixing bowl, sugar, eggs and a mixer. Then you have to blend all the ingredients and move on to the decorating skills as the cupcakes will appear on the wedding table. Follow the hints in right box and show off your culinary skills
Flan Flan
Description: Here Sara will teach you how to prepare a Flan. Do you know what kind of dish is that? The training starts with caramelized sugar. You will see yourself in Sara’s kitchen where she will explain you what steps should be made in order to get the desired result. So attend the lecture and do not miss the chance to get virtual education about the cooking lessons and food art.
Peach Cobbler Peach Cobbler
Description: Sara’s cooking class welcomes you and offers a new tasty tutorial of how to make peach cobbler within just a few clicks in the game full of cooking masterpieces. Follow Sara’s directions, complete the game earlier then the allotted time fades away and get bonus points. Have a look at sliced peaches, white sugar, ground cinnamon, nutmeg, white powder, vanilla ice cream and other tasty ingredients needed for the peach cobbler